Virginia Bergin: Why I Sci Fi 

Virginia Bergin web image COLOURI Sci Fi because I just LOVE spaceships, robots, aliens and inter-galactic disagreements . . .

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Nah . . . I’m just kidding. I do love those things, but that’s not why I Sci Fi.

I don’t even Sci Fi because of this:Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 18.43.59

(If you’re wondering what that is, it’s the deadly, alien bacterium Ruby Morris finds herself fighting in The Rain (H2O in the US) and The Storm, the one that infects all the world’s water supplies. As most astrobiologists will tell you, if there is extra-terrestrial life out there, it’s likely to be tiny.)

No, I Sci Fi because . . .

What if? Any ‘What if?’ you can imagine can be explored in Sci Fi. That’s what it is to me: it’s What if? writing. If you’re curious about what it means to be human, find out here. Sci Fi can grab us up and project us deep into amazing, scary, challenging What if’s. Sci Fi takes anger, injustice, cruelty, curiosity, fear, hope, conflict, love . . . and asks WHAT IF? But it’s not pure escapism, it’s –

Science fiction. I love stories that are grounded in the possible, that take the facts of our here-and-now – our science and technology, our issues and events – and give them a shove into the future (or another universe altogether, etc). For me, Sci Fi is a way to speculate on where we’re going, and how we’re getting there – and what we might do when we arrive. It’s irresistible imagining and it’s –

Freedom. Welcome to Paradox City! Whatever here-and-now facts and ideas a Sci Fi story might contain, it also has limitless possibilities for readers and writers to be free of the here-and-now. Anyone can be anything, anyone can do anything, and anything can happen. See: F-R-E-E-D-O-M! And –

You’re invited!

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No – not like that! To me, at the very heart of Sci Fi, deeper even than the What if?, is a ‘WHAT DO YOU THINK?’. It’s an invitation from a writer to a reader to ask questions – and not just about the world of the story, but about the world of today. That’s why I Sci Fi.

Hm . . . but what do you think?

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