Nicola Yoon’s ‘EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING’ Playlist

Nicola-Yoon-HeadshotI don’t listen to music while I’m physically writing, but each book definitely has a list of songs that inspire me. Usually something about each song — a specific lyric or a mood —reminds me of my characters or captures an emotion I’d like to convey.

For example, when I was writing EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, I kept coming back to a particular line in Noel Gallagher’s IF I HAD A GUN. He says “I’m holding on and waiting for the moment for my heart to be unbroken by the sea.” I really love that lyric. It’s epic and a little bit mysterious. It speaks to a big, big love that can only be moved by something as vast as the sea. For me it really encapsulates the feelings my characters — Maddy and Olly — have for each other.

Radiohead is my favorite band of all time, so I’m almost always listening to them. 4 MINUTE WARNING really spoke to Maddy’s feeling of running out of time. Massive Attack’s music is moody, lovely and deep and fit perfectly with certain sections of the book.

I’ve always said if I could write a book that made you feel as intensely as a four-minute song​ can, then I would be a very happy writer. Hopefully, I’m getting closer to this the more that I write. Any type of art can influence any other, and inspiration can come from unexpected places. For me, music is definitely one of those places.



“​If I Had a Gun​”​ by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
​”​Pieces​”​ by Andrew Belle
​”​Four Minute Warning​”​ by Radiohead
​”​Videotape​”​ by Radiohead
​”​I Need My Girl​”​ by The National
​”​Graceless​”​ by The National
​”​Hannah Hunt​”​ by Vampire Weekend
​”​Rehab​”​ by Amy Winehouse
​”​This Place Is A Prison​”​ by The Postal Service
​”​Mezzanine​”​ by Massive Attack
​”​Angel​”​ by Massive Attack
​”​Extraordinary Machine​”​ by Fiona Apple



Someone like you, Adele for TSIAAS


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