CJ Daugherty: Turning Night School into a Web Series

C.J. DaughertyA year ago, Trailermade Films – the company that makes all the Night School book trailers, had a crazy idea. What if we made a series of films based on the books?

At first I resisted this idea – surely it would be too expensive? It would take ages to raise the money!

But they thought there was a way. Keep the films short, they said. Give them all original content, and shoot on location. If we did that, we could do something no one had ever done before – turn a British book series into a web series.

They were so convinced it would work, I finally agreed. FYI: Now they’re trying to talk me into Series 2!

Here’s a video where I explain how they talked me into it, why I agreed to it, and why I’m convinced it was the right thing to do.

 ResistanceNight School: Resistance is out now.




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